Frequently Asked Questions about purchasing Metal Swing Sets:

Weight Capacity - The actual bending moment of the steel is at 24,405 pounds.  Like the steel structure, the chain meets or exceeds industry standards and has a 750 pound test rating, which is why all our metal swing sets are conservatively rated at 500 pounds per swing seat.

 - Our metal swing sets are maintenance free,with the except of sets with redwood platforms. The redwood platforms will needto be finished, and the finish will need to be maintained to keep the platformslooking good and free from weathering and splinters. Although our metal swingsets are maintenance free, it is prudent to periodically grease tire swingknuckles and to check bolts, nuts and set screws to make sure that they aretight, safe and secure. 

Materials - Our metal swing sets are manufactured usingonly the best materials.  The structure is manufactured using only thehighest quality heavy gage Super 40 steel with excellent corrosion resistance,humidity and salt spray testing while most competitors use thin 18 gage tubingwith a lower quality of galvanizing.

Pipe diameter - Top rails and ladders:2-3/8”; Legs and supports: 1-7/8”; Post swing support beam uprights: 4”.

Required Space - Each playground has therequired ground space listed, as well as the minimum required play space. Use these measurements as a reference to measure your back yard.

Playground surfacing/ ground cover - If you are planning onhaving ground cover under your metal swing set, please let your playgroundprofessional know. It is necessary to add length to the bottom of the structureto accommodate the ground cover.  For example:  If you order a 10’swing set and bring in 12” of wood chips, the finished height of the swing setwill only be 9’ tall because of the wood chips unless extensions are added.Pipe extensions are available in 12” increments and will require additionalexpense.  Discuss this with your playground professional at the time youplace your order. Hint:  Your metal swing set will be easier to install ifyou wait and put in the groundcover after the swing set is installed.

Installation of concrete - Our metal swing sets must beinstalled into concrete footings. Purchase 80 pound bags of high qualityconcrete mix at your local hardware store.  Each individual set will havedifferent amounts of concrete required.  Please refer to individualproduct pages for the amount necessary for your metal swing set. Each leg andladder has the extra length necessary for cementing into the ground.

Installation instructions - Each set comes completewith diagram and written instructions.  Please read and understand thediagram and written instructions before you begin the installationprocess.  Also, feel free to call us toll free 877-777-8144 with anyinstallation questions that you may have. Generally speaking, our metal swingsets are not difficult to install.  Some are more complex than others andwill require more time and possibly more muscle. Because our metal swingsets are heavy and built to last, it is best to have at least two strong adultsavailable for the installation.  Some larger sets may need to have acouple more strong helpers.

Shipping time - Under normal conditions, ittakes seven to ten business days to process your order and prepare it forshipment. Once the metal swing set is shipped, it will normally take 7 14days for transit and delivery by the freight company. (shipping times areapproximate and may vary depending on your location)

Returns - Returns are accepted within 30 days ofpurchase and must be accompanied by the original sales receipt orinvoice.  All products to be returned must be in new condition.  Ifany returned products are brought back in other than new condition, BYORecreation may choose not to accept the return. Transportation costs forany returned items are the responsibility of the individual or party returningthe product. All returns are subject to a 25% restocking fee that will bededucted from the amount to be refunded.  If you paid with a credit ordebit card, you must present the same card and the funds will be refunded tothe credit/debit card.  If you paid with a personal or business check, BYORecreation will refund these funds only via BYO Recreation company check. Any metal swing sets returned after 30 days from the date of purchase are eligiblefor in store credit only.  Returns will not be accepted after 60 days fromthe date of purchase.

Order Cancellation - Because we process andship orders as quickly as possible, any person desiring to cancel anorder must do so with in three business days of placing the order.  Any order cancelledwithin the three day grace period will not be subject to the 25% restockingfee.  Any order cancelled on or after the fourth day will be subject to a25% restocking fee.  Additional charges such as shipping and recoverycosts will be charged if the metal swing set has been shipped out prior to thecancellation of your order.  These costs will be deducted from the amountto be refunded.

Questions - Please feel free to contactus by phone at 1-877-777-8144.  When you call, we will be happy to spendas much time with you as you may need to make sure that all of your questionsare completely and satisfactorily answered.