Bollard Covers

Bollards are short, concrete pillars that help direct traffic and protect pedestrians from surrounding traffic. This important safety equipment should be an attractive addition to the overall appearance of your park space and a characteristic feature of your design, not an afterthought. BYO Recreation carries a variety of bollards in different design to help you customize your space quickly and affordably. Bollards with built in lights are a simple way to illuminate footpaths and with new energy saving features, you can program your bollard lights to turn on when it is dark and off in the morning. You can use bollards to add security to bus stops, store fronts, parking lots, sports fields or any area where you do not wish to admit vehicle traffic. Thanks to their versatile design, selecting and installing bollards is simple and easy. Select the style of bollard you wish to install and complete your order online - Dont forget to remember installation! Unsure of how many bollards you need? Describe your space to a member of our staff and they will provide you with an estimate.