How to Buy a Sandbox

Sandboxes give kids a unique opportunity to embrace their creativity as they dig, sift, build and destroy limitless creations. Sand play helps to improve dexterity and develop coordination while kids enjoy lots of experimentation with volumes, weights, and measurements. Sand is one of the most basic, yet intriguing activities nature has to offer. 

Indoor Sandboxes
When selecting a sandbox, first consider the intended use. If purchasing for indoor use at a residence or pre-school, the sandbox is usually made from a large, raised rectangular plastic tub, should have legs to raise it off the floor to allow multiple children to make use of the sandbox at once, while minimizing sand spillage. In order to further reduce clean-up efforts, many times moldable sand, such as Moon Sand is substituted for actual sand. It is also quite a challenge to remove sand to insert a water liner, so we recommend either buying a separate table for water use, or an attachable water tub for an existing sand table.

Outdoor Sandboxes
Outside sandboxes can be found residentially, as well as in public parks, school yards, churches, and the like.  Sandboxes at home are usually smaller, designed for use by one or two children and are typically made of wood or plastic. When implemented into public playgrounds, sandboxes tend to be much larger and heavier duty as they are made to withstand many years of use by multiple children at a time. A key element of any outdoor sandbox is a sandbox cover to eliminate animal litter, weather-related damage, and unnecessary wear. Sandbox liners also are invaluable to preventing erosion if the box was built directly on top of soil. 

Filling a Sandbox
There are several huge differences between sandbox sand and builder’s sand. Because sandbox sand has undergone rigorous cleaning and removal of debris, it appears much whiter and purer. Builder’s sand is certainly cheaper, but likely has bits of clay mixed in which can make the sand stickier and more difficult to brush off the skin and can also stain clothing. Moon Sand is an even better alternative to sandbox sand, as it is moldable, never dries out, doesn’t stain clothing, and gives even greater success to little hands.