Chin-Up Station - FS

Model: 2033AF-UP
Age Level: 13+
Clearance Zone: 7'-8" x 10'-4"
Fall Height: Varies: 5'-6" - 8'
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The traditional Chin-Up Station is an excellent addition to any Outdoor Fitness Park or Trail. Users will be encouraged to utilize this component rather than building structures or landscaping elements for exercise activities, thus helping preserve the site. This product has a uniquely curved hand grip to target various muscle groups. The Chin-Up station can be installed at various heights to provide an alternative accessible version for individuals who use mobility devices.

Can be installed at 3 different heights
  • 8' (High Version)
  • 7' (Low Version)
  • 5'-6" (Accessible Version)

  • Fit Series (FS):
  • Rust resistant coated Steel
  • Durable, vandal-resistant housings
  • Solid metal foot pedals
  • Slip-resistant
  • Marine-grade plastics

  • Additional Notes:

    - Note: Safety Surfacing is required if the user’s feet are intended to leave the ground while operating the equipment, or if the equipment has a Fall Height. Surfacing must conform to ASTM F1292.

    - Note: An additional rectangular zone measuring 30” x 48” located outside of the Clearance Zone is required for parking mobility aides while the equipment is in use.
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