Commercial Belt Swing Package

$38 - $120
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This commercial belt seat comes in multiple colors and has metal insert for added durability and resistance against vandalism. Add your choice of type and length of chain to your belt swing seat. The plastisol coating extends 30 inches up the half coated chain and all the way up the fully coated chain. The chain length for the 8' high beam is 66" and the chain length for the 10' beam is 90". The fully coated chain includes coated s-hooks, which adds 2" to the overall length, so it measures 68" and 92". Chain is factory-attached to swings using galvanized s-hooks. 6" x 24" with steel insert. Please note, the chain option is based on the height of the top beam. The chain length for the 8 ft high beam is 66 inches and the chain length for the 10 ft beam is 90 inches.
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