Activities: 12 events
Age Group: 2-5 years
Capacity: 25-30 Children
Deck Height: 1'3", 1'10.5", 2'6", 3'1.5", 3'9"
Dimensions: 15'4" x 19'1" x 11"
Fall Height: 3'9"
Mounting: Surface or Inground
Use Zone: 28ft x 31ft
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Discovery Centers offer a variety of standards-based development and educational activities that spark the imagination and inspire exploration in children ages 2-5. Superior detail and variety for hours of activity and increased teacher interaction. Activities: 5 ground level, 7 elevated. Anchoring using a mounting kit is required for structure to be compliant with commercial playground structures. Choose In-Ground Mounting or 8" Ground Spikes for Surface Mounting.  - 1 Slide, 2 Climbers, 1 Telescope, Bongo Drums, and 4 Panel Activities designed to help children develop socialization skills, self confidence and physical strength. - Built to Last. Durable, commercial grade materials engineered to resist corrosion, fading and mildew. - Discovery Centers help meet best practices and licensing requirements in early childhood program standards. - All Discovery Centers exclusively feature a TouchMath learning panel and curriculum for bringing learning outdoors. TouchMath is an award-winning multisensory math curriculum. - Hours of activity and increased teacher interaction opportunities. - Make a positive impression with parents.  - Designed in compliance with public playground safety standards (ASTM & CPSC). - Meets ADA guidelines and allow inclusive play for all children. - Color Option: Playful or Natural **Helps to promote best practices in meeting 8 essential early childhood standards:** - **Bringing Learning Outdoors:** Develop skills and concepts of math, science, and language outdoors in fun and creative ways.  - **Gross Motor Development:** A variety of opportunities for physical activity and exploration through climbing, jumping, and large motor development. - **Fine Motor Development:** The Gear Panel and other small motor activities help develop strength, eye-hand coordination, and dexterity. - **Music & Movement:** Multiple types of music and auditory experiences encourage movement, creativity, and self-expression. - **Dramatic Play:** Open-ended play areas encourage children to think creatively, use their imaginations, and socialize with friends. - **Multi-Sensory Experiences:** Sensory rich play experiences provide auditory, visual, or tactical feedback and help meet individual learning needs. - **Creative Arts & Literacy Support:** The Bench Seat provides raised graphics that bring creative arts and literacy development outdoors. - **Semiprivate Areas:** Under deck areas provide cozy spots to play independently or with peers.
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