Indoor Playground Equipment

Indoor Playground Structures

Rain or shine, indoor playgrounds are a great way to ensure that children always have a fun place to burn off their excess energy. Indoor playgrounds are a perfect choice for schools, churches, communities and private companies, thanks to their ultra-safe enclosed designs and competitive pricing. All indoor playgrounds are designed for shoe-free play and include a shoe cubby to help keep your floor clear of tripping hazards. Like our outdoor play structures, indoor structures are completely customizable and can be adapted to fit your space. Thanks to their unique design, indoor playgrounds are able to take children to heights well above the 8 feet of most commercial playgrounds, some soaring over 12 feet. Our indoor playgrounds feature unique components that allow for even more imaginative design potential. Customize your play structure with rocket ships, race cars, planes or birds to create a unique atmosphere. You can select from a wide range of unique slides, tunnels, climbing platforms and panel toys to create the playground of your dreams.