Upright Cycle - Fit Series

Model: 2047AF-UP
Clearance Zone: 8' x 8'-7"
Fall Height: 3'
Age Level: 13+
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The Upright Cycle is a traditional stationary bike that offers endurance training through cycling. This durable exercise machine is designed for outdoor fitness trails and outdoor workout stations. Users sit comfortably on the cycle’s ergonomically designed saddle and pedal to achieve cardio, strength, endurance, and core benefits. The pedal rotation uses an advanced magnetic bearing system that is tested to rigorous standards for longevity and durability.
  • With hands securely on grips, push grips in smooth cycling motion
  • Magnetic resistance bearings creates a higher level fitness experience for the user
  • Steel construction with rust resistant coating
  • Solid metal foot pedals
  • Heavy duty, vandal resistant housings
  • Surface mounted.

  • Additional Notes
  • Note: Safety Surfacing is required if the user’s feet are intended to leave the ground while operating the equipment, or if the equipment has a Fall Height. Surfacing must conform to ASTM F1292.
  • Note: An additional rectangular zone measuring 30” x 48” located outside of the Clearance Zone is required for parking mobility aides while the equipment is in use.
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