5-12 Play Structures

BYO Playground

Upsy Daisy

BYO Playground

Circus Circuit

BYO Playground

Merry Maze

Play Equipment

Spider Monkey

BYO Playground

Climb Time

BYO Playground

Giggling Gator

Natural Colors

Victory Lap

BYO Playground

Apple Jack

BYO Playground

Warrior Dash

Climb Academy - Front View

Climb Academy

Primary Colors

Loopty Loop

Forest Frenzy - Front View

Forest Frenzy

BYO Playground

Radical Run

Front View

Space Camp

Play by Play  - Front View

Play by Play

Front View

Blue Crush

Super Summit - Front View

Super Summit

Cool Runnings - Front View

Cool Runnings

Front View

Twin Peaks

BYO Playground

Tongue Twister


Pip 'n' Squeak

Ridge Runner - Front View

Ridge Runner

BYO Playground

Freedom Run

BYO Playground

Topsy Turvy

BYO Playground

Starry Knight

BYO Playground

Imagine Dragon

Back View

Mighty Max

BYO Playground

Slide Winder

Springtime Colors

Mystic Falls

Playground Structure

Fit Funhouse

Red Baron - Front View

Red Baron

BYO Playground

Magic Mountain

Desert Oasis - Front View

Desert Oasis

With Integrated Shade!

Big Max

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Lifesaver Colors

Cosmic Comet


Children have mastered most of the basics and now are looking to take on bigger challenges. Better balance and greater strength allow children in this age group to tackle the most challenging playground equipment. Providing a stimulating and engaging active play space is a great way to encourage school-aged children to develop habits that lead to lifelong health. This is the age when children finally have the upper body strength to take on overhead ladders and rock walls many times so they can master them. Bolder children will attempt to move between activities without stopping or touching the ground when possible and all this effort adds up to one incredible work out! Like the challenges, the rewards should also be great and these play structures are characterized by their 8 decks and tall, fast slides. For over a decade, BYO Playground Specialists have worked with communities across the country to design and install playgrounds that are engaging, safe and fun. You will receive the full benefit of our experience when you work one-on-one with a dedicated staff trained to turn your ideas into reality.