Specialized Service For Your HOA

There have never been higher expectations of neighborhoods than in the modern day real estate world. Buyers are no longer looking for just a nice house and the amenities a neighborhood has to offer have become just as important of a selling point as the proverbial “granite countertops and stainless steel appliances.” Just as important as the pool or clubhouse, no amenity helps to better set a family-friendly tone for your community than a safe, age-appropriate playground from BYO Recreation.

Start Planning Your Playground Today:

Designed With HOA in Mind

Our structures are designed to comply with both ASTM and CPSC standards for playground safety and to accommodate children of all ability levels and needs.


Establish a Family-Friendly environment for your community with a custom play structure complemented with site amenities, such as benches, tables, grills, etc. to centralize an ideal community hangout.


Our Playground Specialists will work with you to create a new play area that will give you the most bang for your money and bringing a great sense of unity and pride to the neighborhood.

BYO provided excellent customer service, pricing and worked tirelessly with us to provide a quality product on time. - Karen, Comotara Homeowners Association