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Does Your Playground Space Need a Building Permit?

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Playground Building Permit Service

Certified Building Permits Resource

Our Building Permit department will review that your equipment, surfacing, and installation will be installed and regulated per the latest State’s Building Code by the county or municipality the installation is located. To ensure the safety of the work and its compliance with building, construction, and zoning codes, documents will be submitted to the respective building permit department for approval. It is our full intention to ensure that the project plans comply with local standards for land use, zoning, and construction. The county or municipality will authorize special inspections to be completed and approved as they have a set of standards to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the people.

Our Building Permit Department will follow the process through from your initial phone to completed inspections and your final signoff.

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No Building Permit? Here are the Risks

The main issue with not obtaining a proper building permit is the risk of hiring substandard installers. Your installation may be in an area unknowingly dangerous to children or others (in easements, high voltage lines, etc.). Your equipment may not IPEMA certified and the surfacing may not meet playground specifications. This poses a hazard to children with the additional risk of lawsuits filed against the property owner.

Permitting ensures that your structures, surfacing, etc. meets ASTM standards and manufacturer specifications.

Long Term Building Permit Benefits

When a building permit is submitted and approved by the building department they will retain the permit in their history for the designated property. When looking back on a prior project, we will be able to review what your project consisted of in the past and help you make upgrades to your playground area or commercial space. This be anything from adding shade, switching out your loose fill surfacing for unitary, to upgrading with wheelchair accessible components.

FYI: The regulation of building construction can be traced through history for more than 4,000 years!

We’re here to answer any of your building permit questions. Give us a call at 800-853-5316!

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