Balance Beams

Kids Balance Beams

Balance beams are often overlooked in favor of more exciting playground equipment but the fact is children love them! Children are naturally drawn to balance obstacles and will repeatedly attempt to master the equipment with seemingly endless patience. Once they develop basic balance skills they will frequently adjust their approach to make the equipment even more challenging. This is because they are naturally driven to practice and perfect balance skills. For toddlers and children under 5 years of age, stable, low to the ground beams are perfect for learning the basics of balance. Many early childhood environments will incorporate several different styles of balance obstacle into their playground to ensure that children have plenty of opportunities to practice this important skill set. Older children will appreciate a greater challenge. That is why we suggest balance beams that have more give or even a slight spring or rocking to engage children over 5 years of age. They will also seek a more thrilling experience and enjoy beams that are higher off the ground or feature more difficult transfers between equipment. Contact a playground specialist to find out which types of balance beams will work best on your new playground.