Portable Bleachers

At BYO Recreation we strive to offer you everything you need to outfit a comprehensive sports complex for your high school, middle school or public park. We offer bleachers of all sizes enabling you to put the seating you need where you need it. Our portable bleachers are perfect for use in schools where portable seating is needed in gyms and sports fields. Smaller bleachers are a popular option for the visiting team side of high school football fields while matching our larger bleachers which can easily accommodate an enthusiastic crowd for the home team! Whatever your needs are, we offer weather resistant and comfortable bleachers sized right for your facility. Match our bleachers with backless aluminum benches on the sidelines and you will have seating for entire field. Our playground specialists can help you develop a comprehensive site plan for your athletic facility that includes all of the seating, waste receptacles and site amenities you need to offer a welcoming and comfortable sports site.