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Sizzling Park Spaces

Date Published: May, 23 2014

Adding a picnic area to your community is a great way to encourage active, healthy lifestyles and encourage residents to socialize together. Adding a park space is simple since most equipment is easy to install, relatively low cost and requires little to no special preparation for your space. There are almost endless options for park spaces so creating a solid concept and prioritizing the items you need to make that vision become reality is the key to being successful.

When you plan a picnic space, you may be overwhelmed by the variety of selections. You can choose from metal, aluminum and even concrete park furniture, each with its own distinct advantages.

Metal tables are powder coated, relatively lightweight and, thanks to the perforated bench and table tops, stay cleaner than other options. The powder coating keeps them cooler as well, which is nice. Concrete tables are the go to option for parks and campgrounds that have out of the way picnic spaces because they are the most difficult to move and extra resistant to vandalism. Aluminum tables are the lightest in weight so they are the obvious choice if you plan to move your picnic furniture around frequently.

Once you have selected your basics, you'll want to add amenities that encourage families to enjoy your park space.  Select a heavy duty grill that is raised up from the ground, has removable grates and can be mounted properly onto your surfacing.

One of the most important things you can do to keep your park space clean is to include plenty of waste disposal stations. Placing trash cans within easy reach of seating and cooking areas encourages guests to dispose of waste properly rather than on the ground. If your space is pet friendly, you may want to throw in a few pet waste stations as well.

Looking for something grander in your park space? Imagination really is the limit; you can add bandstands, gazebos and even decorative pathways.  

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