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The Importance of Accessible Equipment

Date Published: May, 07 2013

In 1990 the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed.This act is designed to give civil rights protection to individuals with disabilities. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, it "guarantees equal opportunity for individuals with disabilities in public accommodations, employment, transportation, state and local government services, and telecommunications."

Here at BYO Recreation, we believe in every child having the opportunity to enjoy the thrill and excitement of adventure on the playground. Whether your playground is at a daycare, in a park, at a school or at your place of business, you should make sure that your playground equipment is ADA accessible, so you can accommodate every child.

Some ways to make your playground accessible and fun to children with special needs is to install wheelchair ramps. These help kids enter and exit the play space with ease, especially playgrounds that are bordered. BYO Recreation offers a variety of playground surfaces, all are ADA certified, but some are a little easier to move around on than others. For example, our mulch is ADA certified, but installing a Poured-In-Place surface is smoother and easier for wheelchairs to move from the swing sets to the spinners and the spring riders.

Another way for kids with special needs to enjoy the playground are the swings and spring riders. BYO Recreation offers swings that are designed specifically for kids with special needs. They are engineered with a safety bar that lowers down and buckles in place to ensure the child's safety.  Spring riders are great because they are low to the ground and a whole bunch of fun! The height makes it easy for kids to move from their wheelchair onto the spring rider and back. Each rider has feet and hand pegs, so kids can hold on and spring away!

There are infinite ways to make your playground accessible to children with disabilities; these are only a couple ways that will allow children with disabilities to have the time of their life on the playground.

To Learn about more ways to make your playground ADA accessible and keep kids safe at play please visit BYO Recreation's website or give us a call at 1-800-853-5316 and one of our consultants will be more than happy to answer all of your questions and concerns and help you choose the best playground equipment for your play space.

To learn about playground safety, please review the Public Playground Safety Handbook, and to obtain a playground safety checklist please refer to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission's Public Playground Safety Checklist.

Visit our blog throughout the month of May 2013 to learn more tips on how to keep children safe at play with our Safety Series Posts!

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