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Back to School: The Benefits Sensory Play for Little Ones!

Date Published: Aug, 21 2013
Sensory Play

Hands-on play encourages children to explore and learn through play. Teachers should include sensory play in their daily curriculum to establish this form of learning early on. This helps children learn to naturally question things and come to conclusions on their own while they play.

Sensory play is vital to early learning because children learn best through hands-on experiences. With the right materials, teachers can encourage little ones to use their senses to explore and investigate through play—their most familiar way to process and understand new information.

When sensory tables are included in the classroom and on the playground, children have multiple opportunities throughout their day to engage in activities that promote developmental growth. These tables can have one or more bins that house sand, water or other materials, like colorful rice or spaghetti. Within this sensory material can be just about anything: toys, shovels, cotton balls, pinecones, etc. The contents of the bins can be themed or seasonal. A Pinterest search of “sensory tables” will prove that the possibilities are endless! Teachers can have fun with their sensory play activities and easily keep the curriculum exciting and new.

There are many options for sensory play indoors and out. BYO Recreation & Teachers' School Supply has a variety of Sensory and Sand & Water products. Whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor, permanent or portable, we have the perfect item for you! Call us at 1-800-853-5316 to speak to an Early Childhood Specialist today!

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