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Bollards & Bike Racks: Learn how to choose the best for your park!

Date Published: Jul, 30 2013
Bike Racks and Bollards

Bollards are a great way to restrict car access on park grounds. Adequate spacing ensures that cars cannot pass through, while allowing bikers and people walking to pass easily. Bollards are commonly used in parking areas and some include lights that are used along pathways and trails.

When shopping for bollards it is important to know how you are going to utilize them. Are you looking to mark off a section for parking, making sure that cars cannot park on the grounds, such as a recreation field? Do you want to add lighted bollards to pathways? Knowing the use of the bollards you are looking to purchase will help you to know which type will be best for your park.

There are many different styles of bollards to choose from. The location of the bollard and its use, along with the atmosphere of your park and your budget will help you determine which style to choose. Concrete bollards that range in shape, size and can include lights, are functional and offer durability. Other materials offered at BYO are recycled plastic and steel.  Whichever style and material you choose, including bollards in your park's design promotes safety and instruction to your park guests.

Bollards and Bike Racks Image

Another thing to consider for your park is bicycle parking. Bike Racks come in handy for park guests when they want to walk around or enjoy other aspects of the park. Including a safe, convenient place for guests to park their bikes is essential and will encourage bike riders to visit your park more often.

When choosing a bike rack, it is important to think about the capacity it offers in relation to how many guests visit your park. This will help you to choose the size, amount throughout the park and the design. Like bollards, bike rack styles vary giving you multiple options to choose from. Traditional single and double bike racks are convenient and designed to fit well in any park. BYO also offers contemporary bike racks that add a little something extra to the style and atmosphere of a park.

Learn more about bollards and bike racks by visiting our Park Equipment or giving us a call at 1-800-853-5316. One of our BYO consultants will be happy to assist you with planning your park or any additional information about bollards and bike racks.

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