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Create an Inclusive Environment to Give Children the Opportunity to Grow and Learn Together

Date Published: Oct, 17 2013

Creating an inclusive environment gives children the opportunity to grow and learn together. This environment must be fostered in the classroom and out. Providing accessible playground equipment is a vital part of creating a completely inclusive environment.

When you include a playground that promotes inclusion, your students will have the ability to have fun and socialize freely and in their own way. Multiple play elements, like Adaptive Swing Seats, a Music Center and various play panels, give children options and the freedom to choose.

Inclusiveness promotes play

According to Children's Perceptions of Accessible Playgrounds by Dr. Jenene Burke, Program Coordinator at the University of Ballarat in Australia, Expert of Inclusive Education and Pedagogy, when children make clear choices about play, their autonomy and determination should be encouraged, permitted and supported where possible.

"Enjoyment of play by some children with impairments can be difficult to identify because of their communication differences… Children might, however, communicate the same feelings of fun and pleasure but in different ways using their individual communication strengths…"

When you design your playground or look to make additions or renovations ask yourself these questions. Was your playground structure and surrounding area designed to be inclusive? Is it boundless or does it include an access ramp? Does the structure have an ADA Transfer Station and include multiple play events on all levels?

Creating an inclusive environment, not only by meeting ADA requirements but by promoting the educational philosophy, will allow your children to succeed in and out of the classroom, now and in the future.

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