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It's National Exercise with Your Child Week, So Get Outside and Get Active!

Date Published: Aug, 06 2013
National Exercise Wtih Your Child Week

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, children should do at least one hour of physical activity per day. While they may already meet this guideline by playing during recess at school or at sports practice, National Exercise with Your Child Week, Aug. 4-10, encourages parents to get involved with their children and be physically active together.

There are many ways that families can keep fitness and a healthy lifestyle a priority. Participating in outdoor activities together, such as playing informal soccer games in the backyard, are easy ways to get active with the kids. You can also take advantage of family-oriented activities and classes at the local YMCA. Another awesome activity your family can be involved in is a local fundraising race, like a 5K. It usually takes some time to prepare for this type of race, giving your family another reason to get active and stay active.

At BYO, we are committed to creating play for children, in turn helping to create an active, fun lifestyle from an early age. We take pride in our playgrounds and the benefits they provide children nationwide. Parents, we encourage you to take your child to a local playground for some family fun, go for a walk in the park and explore other ways to stay active as a family!

Throughout this week, we will be posting family-friendly activities that promote movement and fun on our BYO Facebook and Twitter pages!

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