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Keep your family healthy & fit! September 28th is Family Health & Fitness Day!

Date Published: Sep, 24 2013

Family Health & Fitness Day (FHFD) gives families and communities nationwide the opportunity to get involved and get active as a family. September 28, 2013 marks the 17th annual FHFD. The event's overall purpose is to promote family involvement in physical activity.

BYO Recreation is committed to creating play for children, which creates more physical activity. Playground structures, especially ones designed for fitness, promote physical development in kids. Climbing, sliding, balancing—all these things promote body strength and build muscle. While your children are running around the playground, climbing up the equipment and playing games with their friends, they are unknowingly exercising. Participating in physical activity will benefit them extremely as they grow older.

September is also National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. Throughout the month, we have been promoting nutrition and physical activity in order to create a healthier future for our kids. Family Health & Fitness Day is the last Saturday of every September. These two events both promote health and fitness for children and provide America's families with times to emphasize the importance of staying healthy.

Even though September is the month to think about fitness and nutrition, parents and children should try to make healthy choices year-round. Eating healthy meals as a family can be an easy way to encourage nutritious choices and spend important family time together. Helping children to get at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day is also a great way to prevent childhood obesity and get the whole family moving. Playing backyard games, going for family walks and visiting the local playground can be incorporated into your family routine and help increase your physical activity.

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