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What you Need to Know about Shade Structures

Date Published: Jun, 26 2014

As the summer sun beats down, temperatures are soaring throughout the US. At the BYO office in St. Augustine Florida, it is in the high 90s today and in parts of the country temperatures are well into the low 100s. During heat like this, most people avoid spending any significant amount outside if they can. With summer temperatures frequently above 90°F, it can be difficult to enjoy outdoor activities without overheating or burning. Adding reliable shade to public spaces greatly increase the amount of time people can comfortably spend outdoors. We have all the facts you need to determine if a shade structure is right for you.

How effective your shade structures?

Shades block up to 97% of UV rays and lower the temperature of shaded areas up to 30°F.

I already have a playground, can I still install a shade?

Absolutely! Shades can be installed for most structures over almost any surface. Thanks to their versatile designs, shades can frequently be installed in small spaces.

Aren't shade structures just large umbrellas?

Shade structures work the same way umbrellas, tents and bandstands do but on a much large scale with greater results. Out shades are specifically designed for extended outdoor use and made to provide the most heat relief and the greatest possible UV protection.

Are sail shades less effective than canopy style shades?

Surprisingly, sail shades can be just as effective at providing relief from intense sun and heat as full-sized shades. Designers look at the layout of your facility and orientate the shade's placement and pitch to provide the most protection during peek sun hours. In some instances sail shade are not only the most attractive option but can be targeted to block the most intense sun.

If we will be under the shade do we still have to use sunscreen?

It is necessary to apply sunscreen every time you or children in your care go outside and to reapply it at least every two hours. Combining sunscreen, shade and protective clothing is the best way to prevent sun-related skin damage.

Why aren't they waterproof?

The fabrics used in our shades are designed to primarily provide UV protection and reduce temperatures, not to act as a roof. Our shade fabrics feature a specially designed, breathable weave that allows hot air to flow freely from the top of the structure, greatly reducing temperatures. Despite the open weaving, the fabric still up to 80% water repellent.

Where can I use a shade?

Shades can be placed virtually anywhere and are great wherever you expect people to gather outside. The most common places we install shades are: Playgrounds, outdoor seating/dining areas, over bleachers, dugouts, band stands and near public pools.

How durable are they?

Our fabric is designed to withstand wind gusts up to 90 miles per hour, are resistant to mildew and rot and feature a special Lockstitch technique to prevent fraying and unraveling.

We occasionally experience severe storms? How do we protect our shade?

Whether your area experiences severe wind from storms and hurricanes or gets heavy snowfall, you can still have a shade. All shades can be removed and we offer an optional, quick release feature that enables you to quickly and easily remove and reattach the shade. Many customers choose to remove their shades during the winter and re-install them during the warmer summer months.

How hot is too hot?

Generally, temperatures between 30°F and 80°F are considered comfortable with appropriate attire. Temperatures over 80°F are uncomfortable and caution should be used during temperatures over 90°F. Understanding what temperatures pose a risk to health can help you decide if a sunshade will add extra value to your site.

Do you have your own questions about Shade Structures?

Contact an agent and get detailed answers about adding a shade to your space.

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