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Tackle the Playground in Costume

Date Published: Mar, 28 2014

Want to add even more fun to your playground this spring? Why not host a costume party!

Since the dawn of time parents have been driven to near insanity by one phrase “I'm bored.” Whether you're a parent, PTO member or a HOA board member, you help make the most out of your playground by hosting fun, interactive events. The best part is you don't need a lot of preparation or special equipment. In fact most families will already have everything they need at home.

Playgrounds are great places for kids to stretch their muscles and their minds. Dressing up adds an extra dimension and may encourage children to be more outgoing. Dress up play isn't just fun though, it's also a great way to build confidence, vocabulary, emotional and social skills. Planning a playground ‘dress up day' challenges children to approach the playgrounds as a theater like space, and to use the equipment as props in their imaginative play.

 Fun Themes

Space: This theme is fun because it's open to interpretation. Children will show up as astronauts, aliens and you'll probably see one or two ‘space princesses.'

Jungle: This theme is a great way to avoid gender stereotypes and encourage truly active play.

Cops and Robbers: Children will naturally divide into two groups, making this perfect for more competitive children or for team activities.

Superhero Showdown: Superheroes are particularly popular right now but be sure to encourage kids and parents to take an rule from the Incredibles and impose a ‘no capes' rule.

Safety First

Safety should always be the number one priority when children are involved. Be  sure to provide a costume guideline and make parents know these are great tips to keep in mind whenever their children hit the playground.

 Avoid loose clothing, ribbons, hoodies with strings and other garments that can become entangled on equipment.

Check your shoes. Flipflops, sandals and Crocs are a convenient choice when you're heading out the door but they are major no nos on the playground. Children should always wear closed toed footwear that fastens securely with either lace or Velcro.

Keep the weather in mind. Children overheat extremely easily, costumes should play second fiddle to comfort. Try to pick a theme that matches the season, allowing children to layer during cold weather and avoiding heavy clothes during summer.

Dress up but skip long dresses. Children should try to wear clothes that let them jump, climb and explore. Long dresses, pants that restrict movement or clothes that just won't stay on, should be eschewed in favor of sturdier clothing.

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