Commercial Planters

Recycled Planters

Creating a beautiful green space is easier than ever with commercial planters from BYO Recreation. You can add greenery to any outdoor space quickly and easily with our commercial planters. Keeping plants contained into planters makes gardening easy, prevents weeds and provides added height to greenery. All of our commercial planters are made from the same high quality materials as our park benches and tables. Our high quality planters are made to endure years of exposure to sun, wind and rain without fading. When full, our planters are weighted to prevent them from tipping or blowing over in the rain. Because soil is completely contained within the planters, you can place plants over patios and on balconies, allowing you to place plants where you otherwise could not. Go even greener than ever with 100% recycled plastic commercial planters. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service. Contact us today!