Independent Play

Freestanding Playground Equipment

Complete your playground with independent play equipment from BYO Recreation. These are freestanding playground components, like slides, climbers or overhead bars, that stand unattached to any other equipment or structures. Manufactured with the same care and high quality materials as our playground structures, independent play items are typically available in the same colors and styles. Independent play equipment is a great way to add more play value to your playground without investing in a complete makeover. Our design experts will work with you to incorporate new equipment into your existing space or to finish out your new playground. You can even create a complete playground using only independent equipment! Choose from our wide selection of climbers, spring riders, crawl tubes, spinners, slides, balance beams, see saws and slides. You can even create a themed playground with animal shaped equipment or outdoor musical instruments. You can also add an additional sensory component to your playground by incorporating sand and water tables or sandboxes into your design. Perfect for early childhood environments, these playground classics encourage cognitive development. Your playground can also grow a joining number that choose to incorporate even more nature into their playgrounds with planting sheds and nature themed equipment.