Outdoor Music

Outdoor Music Equipment

Playgrounds are a place for children to get loud and let off steam. Including outdoor music equipment is a great way to encourage children to cut loose. Musical equipment encourages cooperation between students as they work together to create their own band. Outdoor musical equipment can be added to your playground as a small feature or extended upon to become a fully thematic experience. BYO Recreation carries a full line of musical equipment that toots, bangs and chimes. Our musical equipment is free standing or arranged into orchestras that encourage children to play together; you can even have a stage! Outdoor musical equipment is great for children of all ages. When installed at ground level, all of our musical equipment is ADA compliant and perfect for creating an inclusive playground. Our staff specializes in creating playgrounds that are accessible and fun for children of all abilities. Your playground specialist can work with you to create a playground that is perfect for the children in your community.