$4,693 - $4,889
Age Group: 3 y/o - Adult
Size: 48"L x 19"W
Instrument Style: Xylophone
# of Notes: 23
QTY of Mallets: 2 Included
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The Pegasus is a beautiful sounding, resonated metallophone made with anodized aluminum bars. The Pegasus is a hefty metallophone made with twenty-three resonated aluminum bars in the key of C Major and A minor. This instrument resonates like a gong.

- Instrument Color: Silver and Green
- Multigenerational, Interactive Play, Durable, Sculptural, Perfectly Tuned, No Wrong Notes, All Abilities, All Ages, Everyone Can Play!
- 5-year limited warranty on all standard/stock instruments and posts

Feature Description
Material Stainless Steel
Sound Bright/Sustaining
Resonated Yes
Range Alto/Soprano
Pentatonic Yes
Key/Scale A & C
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