Step One Defining the Scope
There are five key questions to consider in the early planning stages of your Playground Project:
What age group(s) does Your playground need to serve?
Different age groups have different developmental needs. All of our play equipment falls into three age ranges – 6 to 23 months, 2-5 years, 2-12 years, or 5-12 years.
How many children does Your playground need to serve?
When you consider this number, you should have a decent idea of the number of children per age group. Keep in mind the capacity of your playground will include all pieces – structure, swings, and independent play items.
How much space is allotted for your play area?
Each play item has a use zone, or an area that must be surfaced with impact absorbing safety surfacing. Your consultant will take into account the area you have available and help spatially plan where your desired pieces will go.
How quickly are you hoping to have your new playground?
Whether you need a new play area in less than three months, or your project is a bit further out, it is never too early to speak with your Playground Specialist. Having a "wish date" for your play area helps with fundraising and can make the planning process easier. Keep in mind that most playground equipment is made to order and manufacturing usually takes about 4 to 6 weeks.
What is your budget?
How much do you have allotted to spend on your play area? Keep all factors in mind!
Step Two Customizing Your Playground Structure
All BYO modular structures are 100% customizable from color to components to layout!
Step Three Choosing Your Independent Play Items
Independent pieces such as swings, spring riders, climbers, etc. provide you the opportunity to make your playground space even more unique and exciting!
Step Four Selecting the Right Safety Surfacing
Because over 70% of playground injuries are due to falls to the ground, choosing your play area surfacing is one of the most important decisions you will make during the designing process.
Step Five Furnishing with Site Amenities
Time to add the finishing touches to your playground! Site amenities such as benches, picnic tables, trash receptacles, etc. really help to tie the area into a cohesive recreational area.
Step Six Providing Shade and Shelter
Beat the heat and provide a reprieve from the harmful rays of the sun by adding shade to your play area.
Customize Every Component of Your Playground
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build your play space from the ground up!
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