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Quadrant Model #:

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ASTM F1487-21     CPSC Guidelines #325     IPEMA Certified
Product Description

Made in the U S A

Quick Specs:
  • Age Group: 5 - 12
  • Capacity: 40 - 50
  • Footprint The dimensions of the structure itself : 51' L x 26' W
  • Use Zone Includes the free space required around the structure for it to be used safely. This area must have safety surfacing. : 63' x 38'
  • Max. Deck Height The distance from the tallest platform (deck) to the ground : 9'
  • Comes in all color palettes with wood or recycled metal posts
Add a new level of athletics to the playground with the Quadrant. Designed as an obstacle course type layout, older children are going to feel comfortable playing on it. Its no longer a playground of pretend and academic subjects that are too young, rather, a structure requiring atheleticism. At first glance, its clear that an overwhelming portion of the Quadrant is dedicated to climbing. The Firefighter Climb is right next to the Inclined Columns, which are both climbing. The PlayShell Climbers littered throughout the design are meant to be scaled up and down. Even the PlayPod Pedestals scattered throughout the center need to be climbed up on top of before walking. All of these activities boast a plethora of benefits for older children because they work using the full body. When choosing a playground it is important to consider where the components have come from. Conditioned wood or recycled metal posts are both opportunities to take part in environmental stewardship. Wood was once a staple of playground design, but as time has continued, it has become less common. But, wood and natural materials make for natural learning environments that can be important for childrens development. Several teaching methods use nature and natural tools as ways to reach children. On the other hand, the recycled metal used comes from items that would otherwise rust away in dumps. The recycled plastic comes from specifically milk jugs. As Americans, we tend to drink a large amount of milk every day. This results in millions of used milk contains every year. Even if the play set purchased only uses a few thousand of those milk jugs, its that many more that didnt end up in a landfill. Your playground purchase can be part of the solution that limits waste.
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