Recycling Containers

Are you committed to keeping your green space as Earth Friendly as possible? Prominently featuring recycling containers is a great way to encourage all of your guests to make smart choices when choosing to dispose of waste. Our selection of affordable and attractive recycling containers are all clearly marked to avoid improper sorting and to simplify collection. We offer both indoor and outdoor recycling containers, allowing you to carry your environmentally friendly practices to the inside of your facility. Choose from traditional blue containers or more subdued wood toned containers perfect for a natural setting. Fiberglass is a great lightweight option for indoor or outdoor use, while our metal receptacles are perfect for use outdoors since their heavy weight makes them more resistant to tipping and vandalism. Containers are available in up to 55 gallon size for less frequent liner changes or facilities that receive heavy traffic. Our experienced staff is standing by to help you determine what types of containers will work best on your site as well as how many you will likely need when your site is at top volume. Complete your order online today or contact a representative for personalized service and assistance.