2-12 Play Structures

BYO Playground

Forest Fiesta

BYO Playground

Waterfall Way

Bound Around - Front View

Bound Around

BYO Playground

Tropical Beats

Prime Time - Front View

Prime Time

Front View

Red Rover

BYO Playground


BYO Playground

Magic Dragon

Canopy Quest - Front View

Canopy Quest

Peacock Colors

Blue Heron

Toucan Slam - Front View

Toucan Slam

BYO Playground

Chili Pepper

BYO Playground

Dragon Tales

Sand Piper - Front View

Sand Piper

Front View

Grooving Gecko

BYO Playground

Alpine Alley

Coconut Grove - Front View

Coconut Grove

BYO Playground

Sweet Street

Front View

Jungle Jam

BYO Playground

River Run

Front View

Candy Rush

Candy Shop Colors

Tootie Fruitie

BYO Playground

Tee Time


Pip 'n' Squeak

Lollipop Lane - Front View

Lollipop Lane

Double Treble - Front View

Double Treble


Need a playground that offers a little bit of something for everyone? Our 2 to 12 years structures are perfect for spaces or budgets that can only accommodate a single structure. Designed to be safe for all participants, these structures max out at a 54 deck height and feature climbers that are challenging while still simple enough for the youngest children to master with a little practice. Each of these structures meets or exceeds the playground safety guidelines for children 2 to 12 years of age and is manufactured in the United States using only the highest quality materials. We take special care to use components that foster social interaction and physical fitness through active, unstructured play. For over a decade, BYO Playground Specialists have worked with communities across the country to design and install playgrounds that are engaging, safe and fun for all. You will receive the full benefit of our experience when you work one-on-one with a dedicated staff trained to turn your ideas into reality.