6-23 Month Play Structures

Invest in equipment designed to help children play and grow! All of our 6-23 month playground equipment is designed to grow along with infants as they become toddlers. Full of fun activities to engage their minds and bodies with brightly colored panel games, mirrors and sturdy walls, and hand hold to help them transition from crawling to standing and walking. All of our infant playgrounds are designed and manufactured to withstand daily use by rough and tumble toddlers without wearing down. Toddlers are a determined bunch! Keep them entertained while providing a safe outlet for all their extra energy. Infant and toddler playground equipment is designed to offer the under 2 set a series of challenges that stimulate young minds and exercise young bodies. Toddlers love to climb and each of our playsets is low to the ground to keep them safe as they explore new heights. We offer plenty of options when it comes to infant and toddler play equipment. You can browse our diverse selection of playground equipment and structures or work one-on-one with a playground specialist to design your own! Our knowledgeable staff is here to help guide you through the design process. Thanks to our high standards, you can rest assured that everyone who works on your playground will be a Nationally Certified Playground Safety Inspector, even our installation crew is certified! BYO Recreation believes in fair play, that is why we are committed to ensuring that every playground we design is ADA compliant. We will work with your staff to help adapt your playground design to curriculum and custom tailor it to the needs of your students.