Chest Press Station - FS

Model: 2032AF-UP
Clearance Zone: 9'-7" x 10'-7"
Age Level: 13+
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The Chest Press is designed to utilize the same outdoor exercise technology as fitness workout stations in gyms and fitness centers such as a bench press machine. Users sit on the ergonomically designed saddle and push the non-slip handles outward. This enhances strength and muscle fitness. Isokinetic springs activate to provide smooth resistance and workout targeted strength training zones.

Fit Series (FS):
  • Grip Handles and push forward in controlled manner
  • Isokinetic spring resistance creates a higher level fitness experience for the user
  • Modern design enhances the landscape
  • lSteel construction with rust resistant coating
  • Inground Mount

  • Additional Notes:

    - Note: Safety Surfacing is required if the user’s feet are intended to leave the ground while operating the equipment, or if the equipment has a Fall Height. Surfacing must conform to ASTM F1292.

    - Note: An additional rectangular zone measuring 30” x 48” located outside of the Clearance Zone is required for parking mobility aides while the equipment is in use.
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