Children's Picnic Tables

Kids Picnic Benches

Give your kids a colorful and fun place to enjoy lunch, play games or enjoy crafts with a child's sized picnic table from BYO Recreation. Providing children with child sized seating offers more than just novelty. Proper seat height provide children with greater stability and comfort, allowing them to have greater control over their body and encouraging them to develop proper posture and freeing them up to master greater fine motor skills. This makes childrens picnic tables a great feature for schools and playgrounds that cater to a younger crowd. Our childrens picnic tables are constructed from durable, high quality materials like 100% recycled plastic, stainless steel and aluminum. Many are available in bright colors and patterns to add beauty and creativity to your space. Plastic coatings provide additional protection against heat during hot summer days and preventing damage from rain and snow. Since 1999 we have offered communities across the country high quality specialty playground and park equipment. Playgrounds have always been at the heart of our business and our focus on childrens development and entertainment has provided us with a unique product knowledge base that translates into every project we do.