Kids Tricycles

Tricycles are quickly becoming a number one must-have for the early childhood environment. These staples of early childhood date back to the late 1700s and have grown in popularity ever since. Their three wheeled design provides greater stability than either bicycles or scooter, making them the best choice for young children. All of our tricycles are designed to be as stable as possible and to encourage children to learn to peddle properly, preparing them with the strength and coordination they will later need to ride a bicycle. Many early childhood environments are rediscovering the fun and fitness that tricycles offer children. You can plan a complete tricycle adventure with our tricycle paths including fun features like gas stations and traffic signs. BYO Recreation carries a diverse selection of tricycles and beginner bicycles to help you match your equipment to the skill level of the children using it. Offering different riding options allows the children in your care to choose the option they find most comfortable and through practice, build the confidence to tackle more challenging equipment.