Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Commercial Fitness Equipment

We believe in fair play! Both children and adults need the space and equipment to exercise. Park spaces that encourage children and adults to enjoy outdoor recreation spaces get more use than spaces that cater to only one group. Outdoor Fitness equipment is a great way to encourage everyone in your community to be more active every day. BYO Recreation offers a diverse array of fitness equipment for both adults and children. Whether you want to add an extra element of fitness to your existing recreation space or create a dedicated fitness space, BYO Recreation can help you choose the right solutions for your unique needs. Childrens fitness equipment is designed to focus on building endurance and muscle strength through spontaneous play. Fitness circuits feature a variety of climbing and balance components that push children to work major muscle groups. Adult fitness equipment more closely resembles gym equipment and is designed to be used as part of a regular fitness routine. Contact a Playground Specialist for help planning your outdoor fitness space. We will provide you with a complementary site plan.