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Dog Sanitation Poop Bags - Single Pull Bags (Case of 3,200) FREE SHIPPING Model #: 1002-NN

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Product Description

Both Single Pull Pet Poop Bags (also available in cases of 1,600 bags) and Roll Bags are available at BYO Recreation. Our Pet Waste Disposal Dog Poop Bags are both economical and oxo-biodegradable. 

Single Pull Dog Sanitation Bags are not on a continuous, perforated roll. Instead, they are flat packed and a pull strap dispenses only one poop bag at a time.

  • 800 single pull bags per box, 4 boxes per case = 3,200 bags per case.
  • Order in case quantities of 4 boxes/case pack = 3,200 bags, or 2 boxes/case pack = 1,600 bags.
  • Black opaque, so you cannot see through bags.
  • 100% Oxo-Biodegradable*
  • Earth Friendly!
  • Made from 50% recycled materials.
  • For use in the Single Pull Bag Dispenser. Dispensers or full Pet Waste Disposal Systems available to dispense the single pull bags.

Single Pull bags are easy to tie and have a greater capacity than most roll bags. Bag usage is typically reduced as much as 70% over traditional roll style bags, where extra bags are often wasted when users inadvertently pull out more bags than needed.

*California Disclaimer: California has a specific ASTM Standard for plastic bags. All bags marked "oxo-biodegradable" do not meet the California ASTM 6400 standard. We do not make any claims regarding our bags in terms of "biodegradable" or "degradable" or "decomposable" or in any way imply that the bags will break down in a landfill to any customer in the State of California.

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