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Leg Press - FS Model #: 2039AF-UP

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Product Description
The Leg Press offers benefits similar to leg lifts and lower body strength building. The isokinetic spring resistance and steel construction with rust resistant coating make the Leg Press a more durable and higher level fitness solution. These benefits make the Leg Press similar in quality to exercise equipment found in indoor environments. The outdoor fitness equipment user sits securely on the seat and places his or her feet on the foot pads and slowly extend legs without locking the knees then slowly returns to the starting position. The resistance comes from an advanced isokinetic spring resistance mechanism which enhances the challenge for users of all fitness levels.

Fit Series (FS):
  • Under control, push legs out without locking knees
  • Isokinetic spring resistance creates a higher level fitness experience for the user
  • Familiar metallic and black color scheme that is similar to indoor fitness equipment
  • Steel construction with rust resistant coating
  • Heavy duty, vandal resistant housings
  • Inground Mount

  • Additional Notes

    - Note: Safety Surfacing is required if the users feet are intended to leave the ground while operating the equipment, or if the equipment has a Fall Height. Surfacing must conform to ASTM F1292.

    - Note: An additional rectangular zone measuring 30 x 48 located outside of the Clearance Zone is required for parking mobility aides while the equipment is in use.
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