T-Bar Station - TS

Model: 2016AF-UP
Age Level: 13+
Clearance Zone: 10'-6" x 14'-4"
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The T-Bar Station provides a full body strength work-out as the user slowly moves through plank positions.Freestanding Sign Included!

Traditional Series (TS):
  • Weight resistant for multiple skill levels
  • Available in multiple color schemes
  • Non-moving alternatives
  • Multi-user friendly
  • Versatile for multiple exercises

  • - Note: Safety Surfacing is required if the user’s feet are intended to leave the ground while operating the equipment, or if the equipment has a Fall Height. Surfacing must conform to ASTM F1292.

    - Note: An additional rectangular zone measuring 30” x 48” located outside of the Clearance Zone is required for parking mobility aides while the equipment is in use.
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