Spring Riders

Playground Spring Riders

BYO Recreation has been a nationwide provider of high quality park and playground equipment for over 15 years. Spring riders are a classic playground fixture that are available in a huge variety of styles. Perfect for young children, spring riders are easily accessible to toddlers, preschool and elementary school children as well as children with disabilities. Spring riders sit low to the ground, with easy access to seating and handles to help children access the seat. Each features fun and whimsical design sure to ignite young imaginations. Using riders shaped like animals, insects, truck, motorcycles or shuttles, you can create a custom playground theme. Our spring riders are available in two distinct styles. Coiled Spring riders allow children to move the seat in any direction and bouncer spring riders only allow children to move back and forth. Spring riders are typically designed to be used by one child at a time, although two seated options are available.