2-5 Play Structures

Front View

Tater Tot

June Bug - Front View

June Bug

Standard Model

Roly Poly

Tidal Wave - Front View

Tidal Wave

Amazing Race - Front View

Amazing Race

Front View

Inch Worm

Peacock Colors

Gnome Dome

BYO Playground

Happy Hippo

BYO Playground

Turtle Power

Front View

Jax Be Nimble

Busy Bee - Front View

Busy Bee

Front View

Triple Dip

BYO Playground

Super Scoot

Jelly Jam - Banner

Jelly Jam

Kow-A-Bungalow - Front View


Puddle Jumper - Front View

Puddle Jumper

Outdoor Play Equipment

Acute Apple

Lifesaver Colors

Daisy Dash

Spring Fling - Front View

Spring Fling

Little Kahuna - Front View

Little Kahuna

Sweet Retreat - Banner

Sweet Retreat

BYO Playground

Tropical Twist

BYO Playground

Tune Lagoon


Pip 'n' Squeak

Front View

Bumble Bash


From 2 to 5, children rapidly develop and refine the set of motor skills that will propel them through life. Each of our early childhood structures is design to provide challenging obstacles that keep pace with their ever changing physical needs and feature interactive game panels as well as imaginative play components to help foster their burgeoning independence while encouraging cooperative play. Children in this age range are developing a sense of self and desire opportunities to act independent of adult assistance. The simple climbing structures and gentle slides are perfect for little ones who have an I can do it myself attitude. Their low decks and top safety ratings provide parents and caregivers the peace of mind they need to let little ones tackle this exciting equipment without assistance. You can select any of our Signatures Structures and customize it with your favorite colors or design a BYO Custom structure with the assistance of one of our experienced Playground Specialist.