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The Elements of Play

7/29/14 - Design

Follow the ultimate guide to create a timeless playground for children of any age...

Banned Equipment

7/24/14 - Design

There is no doubt that playgrounds have changed a lot since many of us were children. A broad focus on safety, environmental concerns and rapid advances in technology have merged together to create playgrounds that are safer and more fun than ever...

Choosing the Right Size Playground

7/17/14 - Design

Planning a park space is often a journey of several years than than a onetime endeavor.

Playground Project Timeline

7/10/14 - Planning Tips

Planning and installing a new playground can be an exciting, if somewhat daunting task. To help you develop a better understanding of how much time the entire process takes we have outlined the basic phases of playground planning and installation...

Playground Structure Safety & Maintenance

7/7/14 - Safety Topics

Playgrounds are a major investment and a key part of creating and maintaining a community that focuses on healthly recreation...