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Can We Have a Playground, Please?

6/10/14 - Planning Tips

Most educators can tell you stories about long waits for budget approvals and typically the bigger the commitment the longer the wait. Big purchases, like a playground, tend to spend more time in committee than the average supply order...

Heat Proof your Playground

5/30/14 - Safety Topics

Dehydration is a leading cause of emergency room visits during the summer months. Whether you are constructing a park or improving your community's public spaces, plan to prioritize heat relief. Water plays a huge role in the body's normal internal functions...

Sizzling Park Spaces

5/23/14 - Planning Tips

Adding a picnic area to your community is a great way to encourage active, healthy lifestyles and encourage residents to socialize together. Adding a park space is simple since most equipment is easy to install, relatively low cost and requires little to no special preparation for your space...

3 Smart Playground Planning Tips

5/16/14 - Design

Planning a playground should be a fun, creative exercise and if you're working with a professional designer who is certified in playground safety, you can leave the worrying to them and focus on your vision. Whether you're planning a simple play space for use by a few children or a gigantic mega structure that can entertain dozens of children, we have three tips to help you get started on the right foot.

Age Separation

5/12/14 - Design

We are frequently asked why our playgrounds are separated by age and what these separations mean exactly. Finally, here's everything you need to know about how we determine how to separate playgrounds by age...